Ciel: “What.”

Sebastian: “You’re bored, aren’t you?”

Ciel: “… Yes. All the time.”

Ciel: “Sebastian.”

Sebastian: “Yes.”

Ciel: “Your hunger is diminishing, isn’t it.”*

Sebastian: “Yes.”

Ciel: “All the time.”

Ciel: “… You don’t need me anymore, do you? I, who became a demon.”

Sebastian: “Young mas—”

Ciel: “Don’t change the subject! Since I became a demon, I can’t give you my soul anymore! I…!” 

Sebastian: (sighs) “…”

Ciel: “Your eyes don’t reflect me at all. … I should go somewhere to eat the souls of humans or something.”

I don’t know what doujinshi this is from, but it looks like Himetsuka Shina’s style. I translated these three pages because I really liked them. If anyone knows the title, please let me know ^^


lemonsmakemehappy has let me know that the artist of this is Sakurana (さくらな) and they can be found on Pixiv. Thank you!

*: Ciel saying “your hunger is diminishing,” can actually be a play on words — the word he used for hunger, 腹 (hara), means stomach, but it can also mean “(someone’s) true intention/motive.”

i'm sorry that you have to go well good luck and wish you the best ^_^

Thank you! We appreciate it.

I will run the blog from now on, but I do have things to do, so consider it a little hiatus. Thank you for your support! Hopefully I will be able to post more things soon.

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Okay, Abra here. m(_ _)m

Like I said, I am going into college soon, and I am becoming a Japanese teacher as soon as the next school year starts at one of the junior high schools. (Yay!) I also have a roleplay account I have been trying to use, as I’ve been itching to write, so while I’m a little less busy than I have been recently, it may be a while before I can have anything posted here. I’m very sorry, but hopefully I can soon post some new character sheets I haven’t yet had a chance with.

That said, I will run Dark Servitude. If there are any people who would also like to be translators or scanlators, please let me know through the askbox! I could use your help!

Thank you!


I am giving this blog and everything to Abra. I’m not into Kuro like I used to be, and after I finish my Grell cosplay this year, I will be done. It’s been nice to have this space to work with!
However, with my waning interest and work on other blogs, I must say adieu!

Wishing you all in the Kuro fandom the best,

I hope you don't mind me asking, but I am a little curious. You guys seem to be one of the few people who say Yana refers to Grell as male. (Most other fans mention the fact that she said Grell wants a sex change, therefore is a transwoman). Can you elaborate more on this? Where is the evidence to support the idea that Grell is meant to be a gay transvestite and not a transwoman? I just want to put this issue to rest and not be made to feel guilty about the pronouns I use.

OK Anon, I’m out of the fandom now, but I’ll explain.
In Japanese culture, being gay and being trans are seen as one in the same. Gays are thought of as wanting to be “real” women to be “normal”. To Yana, a Japanese writer, she most likely incorrectly assumes that the character she states she wrote as a gay man would want a sex change so that he could be with other men. LGBT rights are very bad in Japan, despite what you may think.
Also, Yana wrote Grell as a gay man, as you can see in out translations, and all of the official American sources refer to him as a man. Grell refers to himself as an okama, which means a feminine gay man or a transvestite, a trans woman would never call herself an okama.
Grell is really just a blatant stereotype and shouldn’t be taken as a serious character for gays or trans women, no matter which way you slice it. He’s very much the product of a society that’s still in the dark about most LGBT things and mixes them up.
TLDR Yana intended to write a gay man, and she made the character trans by her lack of understanding.


LGBT community in Japan is fine. Homosexuality for one has been around since the Azuchi-Momoyama Period (1573-1603) — for example, Oda Nobunaga and his page Mori Ranmaru had an openly sexual relationship in the 1500s, and it was common in that time period and even before that.

In Japan now LGBT is really not an issue in any way: homosexuals and transgenders have always been allowed to enter the army, and discrimination for things of this nature is rare in Japanese culture and society. The only time sodomy was illegal was in the early Meiji period (1868-1912), and even then, the law that made it illegal was repealed 7 years after it was set in place.

Toboso consistently uses the word 彼, which means “he/him,” to refer to Grell. I agree with the statement above that she didn’t seem to think a lot about what she was doing when she wrote the “interview with Grell.” The only reason Grell wants to be a woman is to have a baby, as stated by him in the manga in Madam Red’s cinematic record. Other than that, I personally see Grell as a somewhat misogynistic character. I think Madam Red had the courage that Grell didn’t, and when he saw her killing women, he encouraged it because without her, he couldn’t go around killing people at random just because he enjoyed it — he made it very clear that he enjoys killing humans as more than just a job. So, Grell used her to do what he wanted, and when she wouldn’t obey him, he killed her. Of course there’s more to it than that, but it’s a very long thought process and it would take a long time to translate into words. Grell is actually quite complicated.

TL;DR: Toboso consistently uses the word 彼 “he,” to refer to Grell, and never 彼女 “she.” Whenever Grell uses terms like 女優 “actress,” it’s for comedic relief. In all honesty, I don’t think gender or sex should apply to a character who isn’t human, because those things are typically only human concerns.

- Abra

You were asking for the images of Alan and Eric. Funtom's Candy on tumblr has them under the 'Kuroshitsuji The Musical' tag; it won't let me link to them in this ask. They're a bit on the small side, but perhaps they could be a starting point?

We already have the scans now, thank you though!

We have now added Lexie Darr as one of our scan cleaners/typists! We are very happy to have her! She will be added to us shortly!~


Many Happy Announcements!

I have gotten my hands on a RAW of the Kuroshitsuji character guide! Me and Abra will now re-translate the guide completely! This goes along with Funimation’s recent announcement of a surprise tomorrow (I’m hoping for the musicals on DVD).
We will translate the guide first then continue the character sheets, including the requests for Undertaker and Eric and Alan.  However, we cannot find any HQ images of the Eric/Alan sheets, so if you have them please contact us!
Until then darlings, keep up the support for our beloved butler in black!

Yours in forever in bloodshed,

Sorry, Toboso’s blog post translation wasn’t done. m(_ _)m

I’m preparing to enter college, so I haven’t had very much time.


- Tanaka.

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Alois Trancy sketches by Yana

Alois Trancy sketches by Yana